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Life Benedictions Meditation

Life Benedictions Meditation

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Listen to this series of Yolande's go-to blessings to tap back into your natural state of abundance, joy, bliss, and peace.

A review: "Oh my goodness. This meditation is like an energetic hug. I listened to it to go to sleep and after each and every one a little 'ah!' escaped my lips. Also I wasn't sleepy at all and I didn't make it to the end awake, that's how good it made me feel, it connected me to my trust in life and I just surrendered. I also played it having no idea what it was about (had to google "benedictions the next morning hahaha) and it was so nice to have no expectations and no idea what it would do for me. I have played it again during the day and i know it will be a loving companion." --M.R.

***For more on the concept of the power of benedictions, read Yolande's book, Portal (chapter 9 goes into this topic more extensively) and/or explore the topic of blissful birth, and life, inside her signature program: Portal. 

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