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Pain Dissolution Meditation

Pain Dissolution Meditation

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Use this guided meditation to dissolve pain and reorient to peace and neutrality in your body--this was created specifically for pain in childbirth, but can be used to tend to pain of any kind in any season.

In Yolande's words (quoted from her book, Portal)--

"Pain is so much more than what this culture of avoidance has taught us that it is. Pain is a message from the body. Pain is a form of primitive wisdom; one of our most profound teachers. Pain is an invitation into various pathways of self-exploration and self-knowing. Pain is an access-point to God. Pain is a teacher and a gift. Pain is real, and pain is also, in so many ways, merely a remnant—a relic."

***For more on the concept of pain dissolution, read Yolande's book, Portal (chapter 12 goes into this topic more extensively) and/or explore an entire module on pain dissolution inside her signature program: Portal. 

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