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The Breath - Guided Audio

The Breath - Guided Audio

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Use this audio any time you need to come back to your center--to your truth, your power, and full presence in your body.

This short breathing meditation track is recorded over a soundscape registering 7.8hz, which is the electro-magnetic frequency of the earth's pulse--also known as the Schumann Resonance. The thrum of our bodies, our circulation, and the rhythm of every living thing is tied to this frequency, and responds to this frequency with growth, expansion, proliferation, and life.

For human beings the life-affirming benefits of seeking out exposure to this specific frequency include a sense of well-being, a higher tolerance to stress, general resilience and a resistance to outside influence, physical stamina and increased energy, as well as a greater capacity to endure exposure to harmful frequencies that are emitted by electronic devices, artificial light, wifi, etc.

Of course, we ultimately have control over our own frequency, but Yolande loves using sound deliberately as a way of supporting her own power to determine which frequencies she attunes to, and as a way of entraining to the pulse of the earth which is always ultimately available to us. 

***For more on the concept of 'The Breath,' read Yolande's book, Portal (this topic is covered extensively throughout the book) and/or explore an entire module on the power of the breath inside her signature program: Portal. 

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